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Mass flow controller

Mass flow controller

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The mass flow controller is the key to semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It uses the principle that temperature changes correspond to mass flow and can measure and control the flow of different gases.
The mass flow controller has a wide range of applications, which can meet the working conditions of the gas flow control range from milliliters to hundreds of upgrades, and is not affected by changes in ambient temperature and pressure.

Model FCP mass flow controller / FMM mass flowmeter
Range 10SCCM 1SLM 30SLM
500SCCM 20SLM 100SLM
Accuracy ±1%S.P.(>25%F.S.) ±0.25%F.S.(≤25%F.S.)
Flow at closing ≤2%
Flow control range 2~100%
Flow measurement range 0~100%
linear ≤ ±0.5%F.S. 
Repeatability ≤ ±0.2% F.S.
Response time ≤1s
Working differential pressure range 50-300kPa
Temperature coefficient Zero point: ≤± 0.05% F.S. / ℃; adjustment: ≤± 0.1% F.S. / ℃
Maximum working differential pressure 450kPa
Withstand voltage 1MPa
Leakage rate ≤ 5 x 10 -12 Pa•m 3 /s (He)
Sealing material Fluorine rubber; chloroprene rubber; metal sealing ring
Working environment temperature 5~50℃
Input signal Digital: RS485 or DeviceNet analog: 0 to 5 V DC
Output signal Digital: RS485 or DeviceNet analog: 0 to 5 V DC
Zero drift 0.5% F.S. / year without zero point correction
Power Supply +DC 24V
Type of power connector


IGS: 1.125 inch 、 1.5 inch 

Installation direction D-type 9-pin male, 5-pin M12 connector
Standard joint form Arbitrarily


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