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PPC00 Micro pressure

PPC00 Micro pressure

Product Details

Model PPC01-X PPC03-X PPC05-X
Minimum input pressure 0.15MPa or 0.1MPa greater than the output pressure
Maximum input pressure 0.2MPa
Range of set pressures 0~20KPa 0~50KPa 0~100KPa
Maximum flow 70L/min 100L/min 120L/min
Supply voltage 24VDC±10%
The input signal Voltage type, DC0~10V
Current mode, DC0~20mA
Supervisory signal DC0~10V
Power dissipation ≤0.4W
Working medium Dry, oil-free, compressed air or inert gas
Filtration precision ≤5µm filtration precision
Medium requirement Complies with ISO8573-1 grade compressed air purity
Linearity <±0.5%FS
Repeat accuracy <±0.2%FS
Hysteresis <0.2%FS
The response time <10ms
Using temperature range 0~50°C
Level of protection IP65
Shell material Aluminum alloy, resin
Monomer quality 150g
Explosion-proof grade Intrinsically safe explosion-proof
Note:Zero calibration Original calibration only

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