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Application of Proportional Valve in Screen Printing

Date:2021-04-14    Reading:

At present, silicon solar cells occupy most of the photovoltaic power generation market, so it is very important to improve the efficiency and control the cost. Screen printing of silicon battery electrode, as an important part of silicon battery production, requires high precision, efficiency and cost of printing equipment, which directly affects the competitiveness of screen printing equipment in the market.
Screen printing is to attach a stencil with images or patterns to the screen for printing. When the substrate is placed directly under the screen with stencil, the screen printing ink or coating passes through the mesh in the middle of the screen under the pressure of scraper and is printed on the carrier. One of the most important steps is the accuracy and strength of the scraper's descent, which directly affects the thickness and shape of the printed layer, and even leads to the damage of the silicon wafer directly because the scraper's descent distance is too large. Therefore, the control of scraper is a very important link in screen printing.Beisituo Intelligence Science and Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.Piezoelectric products soldproportionerWith the advantages of high precision and high response, some aresilk-screen printingEquipment manufacturers have provided comprehensive solutions.
The FELTON piezoelectric proportional valve controls the corresponding pressure output of the pressure proportional valve and the corresponding movement of the cylinder by controlling the input electrical signal, so as to push the scraper to drop to the required height with high precision and transmit it to the controller in real time through the feedback signal. This is a method of pre-calculating the large output pressure on the secondary side of the electrical proportional valve, which usesElectric proportional valveWith its own linear characteristics, the pressure of the screen printing scraper of the screen printing machine can be accurately adjusted to meet the precision requirements of the power system of the screen printing machine. FELTON electric proportional valve is widely used in printing industry because of its new technology.
Felton piezoelectric proportional valve uses piezoelectric elements and semiconductor sensors to control the pressure and flow of gas with high precision, high response and no noise. silkThe pressure control system of printing machine is composed of electrical proportional valve, screen printing scraper control cylinder, screen printing scraper, analog input module, analog output module and touch screen. The functional schematic diagram is as follows:
Set the working pressure of the screen printing scraper on the touch screen, which is calculated by PLC and converted into the digital quantity required by the analog output module, and the analog output module outputs a certain voltage value toElectric proportional valveThe electric proportional valve outputs the secondary pressure according to the given voltage signal, and the built-in pressure sensor detects that it reaches the set pressure value, thus completing the primary pressure adjustment.

Because of the need to accurately control the air pressure, the control precision is high, so the one with higher control precision should be selectedPiezoelectric electric proportional valveAt the same time, because the atmospheric pressure output of the electrical proportional valve is required to be greater than 0.42MPa, FLT20 series piezoelectric proportional valve can be selected, and the atmospheric pressure output is 1.6MPa. The accuracy of the control depends not only on the accuracy of the electric proportional valve, but also on the friction resistance characteristics of the cylinder. The friction resistance of the standard cylinder changes with the working pressure, moving speed and other factors, so it is difficult to realize stable pressurization control. We should choose the cylinder with low speed and constant friction resistance.

Not only the control of screen printing pressure in screen printing machine industry, but also FELTON electric proportional valve can control spot welding force of spot welding machine, brake pressure control in automobile industry, fluid proportion control in spraying industry, blow molding pressure control in blow molding industry, etc. Because of its linear characteristics and high control precision, the electrical proportional valve is also widely used in pressure filling industry, laser cutting industry, winding machine, coating machine and other industries. For more information about the application cases and technical principles of piezoelectric proportional valves, please consult Stalin, and we are very happy to share this new technology with you.
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