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Application of felton-piezoelectric proportional valve

Date:2021-04-14    Reading:

Piezoelectric proportional valve can control the pressure and flow of gas with high precision, high response and no noise by adjusting the electrical proportional signal. Compared with the traditional electromagnetic proportional valve, the piezoelectric proportional valve has wide pressure adjustment range (0-1.6Mpa), short response time (≤10ms), good working function, silent operation, quiet and environmental protection, compact structure, etc.
1. Spit-out control of filling industry
In the packaging industry, the demand for automatic filling machines is very high. Unstable filling quantity is always a pain point in filling industry. Continuous and stepless adjustment of filling process can be realized by using piezoelectric proportional valve, and ideal filling metering accuracy can be easily achieved.
Second, the tension control of the winding system
Stable and continuously changing pressure output is very important for equipment manufacturers such as winding machines and wire drawing machines. The contact roller is easy to slip in the process of winding paper, which causes some troubles for the subsequent correct cutting of paper. The main pain point is the generation of accurate roller clamping pressure. Generally, the greater the clamping pressure, the greater the tension and the tighter the coil. Different paper materials and quality have different clamping pressures on the rollers needed for winding, so the rollers must ensure that the tension controlled by the swing arm will decrease accurately with the increase of roller radius. The paper roll tightness information is transmitted to the main control system through the sensor, and then output to the piezoelectric proportional valve after being compared with the preset pressure value by the main controller. The pressure proportional valve provides a high-precision variable pressure according to the preset setting of the upper computer, and this pressure controls the cylinder to realize the displacement of the swing arm, thus controlling the tension change and finally outputting the appropriate braking force to ensure the smooth winding and cutting process of the paper roll.
III. Grinding and cutting industries
Usually, the grinding equipment adjusts the pressure of the grinding disc on the workpiece through a high-performance pressure control mechanism. In order to meet the ever-increasing customer demand, it is necessary to provide more accurate grinding size and more efficient grinding speed, which put forward higher requirements for the traditional proportional valve. Piezoelectric proportional valve controls a grinding disc to do grinding repeatedly by outputting a stable pressure. The closed-loop control characteristic of piezoelectric proportional valve provides an effective guarantee for lower damage rate and more accurate grinding pressure output of grinding equipment.
Fourth, the pressure control and multi-stage control of the plastic bottle forming machine
Forming and extrusion equipment is a common equipment in the field of rubber and plastic materials. Piezoelectric proportional valve is one of the key control components of this kind of equipment. In the whole thermoplastic process, the proportional valve can accurately output continuous cut-off pressure, so as to ensure the consistent pace of the forming production process and uniform and standard products.
V. Pressure control of laser processing machine
In the field of automatic welding, in order to achieve high-speed, stable and non-impact welding, the piezoelectric proportional valve can make the pressing force change infinitely according to the material and welding procedure, optimize the welding process and ensure the final welding strength.
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